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In the form designer, click + Add hidden field, then choose text audit as the field type.

text audit: record meta-data about survey administration. If you want to save meta-data for only a proportion of forms, enter p=# into the appearance column (e.g., p=50 to save meta-data for a random 50% of filled-out forms).

By default, only the timing and sequence of survey administration is saved, but you can include choices in the appearance column to also record details about which multiple-choice options were presented to the user in what order. That can be useful when the list of choices is dynamic, randomized, or translated into multiple languages.

To learn more about auditing and the format of the saved meta-data, see the help topic on collecting high-quality data.

In the spreadsheet form definition:

text auditfieldname 
text auditfieldnamep=#
text auditfieldnamechoices
text auditfieldnamep=#; choices

Benefit to recording text audit data
Tip: if you monitor incoming data with SurveyCTO's built-in Data Explorer, you can easily download text-audit data – and even click the hourglass button when viewing a submission with text-audit data attached, to see survey timing information overlaid on the submission-detail view (and, if you specified the "choices" appearance, the view will also let you see the exact multiple-choice options presented to the user).
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